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Savannah's 6th Annual Mexico Surfing Adventure 2010

Alright everyone! Whew HOO Summer's almost here and I'm inviting you to spend my Senior Year summer vacation with me on my sixth annual Mainland Mexico Adventure in the Upcoming 2010 summer break. I'm taking reservations early because I plan to spend the entire time south of the border, having YOU fly down and surf for as long (or little) as you wish. You've seen the photos... and you know the fun you'll have surfing with your Amiga in the clean warm Pacific Coast Waves so put on your Sombreros and come my way during my newest Mexican Adventure on Mexico's Pacific Mainland Coast.

Having friends like you spend part of the summer with me surfing in paradise and Mexico's legendary breaks (and a few secret ones that I know) would be the best surf trip ever!!! Below is a couple places that we have gone, just to get an idea of where you would be going if you decided to take this trip. There is only one condition.......I can't tell you the name of the spots or there exact location until you are fully committed to go. Wouldn't want to give away all my secret spots just like that! hee hee...

The Surf In Mexico

Playful Surf Arena On a Cobblestone Beach
There are typically three different kind of waves we surf. The first spot that has always proven to have waves no matter what is a point that just provides super rippable waves all the time. It is not known for its barrels (although there is some) or being a perfect point break, but every year we have done this trip it has been the most consistant spot if you are looking for some all around good waves. Think Trestles... but better!

Skateboarding at Juno Beach, Florida

Simply The Best Tubes In ALL of Mexico
The next spot I like to surf is a board breaker. It rivals Puerto Escondito (the Mexican Pipeline) and many say it's better! This place never seems to go flat. The locals only consider it flat when it gets about 6 to 8 foot, because it is known for its incredibly big barreling waves that never cease to get much smaller that 10 to 12 foot. In fact the last year I went to Mexico we were very lucky to score this place in the 6 - 8 foot range for several days before we had to book it to the next spot because it got WAY too big. A few guys tried tow Ins and had trouble. Imagine THAT!

The other wave we like to surf, I like to save for last because I would consider it to be one of the best points in the world. It is a perfect and when I say perfect I mean it, point break that peals left forever! It is sometimes hard to catch this place as it needs the perfect swell, and it is definitely a drive out of the way, but I would crawl there if I had to in order to surf this place. This waves provides everything. If you feel like getting barreled, paddle farther out to the point and do that. If you feel like just getting hits until your legs give out, you can do that too. Or, if your like my dad and just looking for a few gentle peelers closer to the inside, well you can do that as well too.

The cool thing about this place is that not only are the waves choice, but the scenery is gorgeous. Most of the other places we go to in Mexico have cactuses growing on the beaches, but it is all tropics here. The hotel we stay in is really nice, but unfortunately one of the more pricier places, where it's about 40 or 50 bucks a night. When we get tired of surfing, we take an hour drive inland to a waterfall, and swim and jump around there, then pick and eat a bunch of mangoes till we can barely sit up.

These are the main places we like to travel, but there are a few spots that we have surfed in between swells. We usually always take a day to drive around and scout new places, and most of the time we find a spot here or there that does a little something, but for the most part, we stick to these places, as they have proven to be the most consistent and good all around.

So, I hope this will help everyone get an idea of what I do in Mexico every summer, and convince you to join me for a few weeks this coming summer. I am sure that we could make this a trip of a life time for anyone who comes along, just let me know, and get those passports up to date.

Fun Waves in Mexico

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