La Ticla Surfing Spot

One of our favorite spots to surf every year we have gone to Mexico is a place called La Ticla. Not only am I excited to surf there every year, but I am always interested about what we will see and experience driving and staying at La Ticla that year. It's funny the things I remember every year that may be simple but add a little more fun to the trip in sometimes the most peculiar way. The windy cliff roads and hairpin turns still catch my breath after driving up and down them so many times, accidentally running over crabs in the road, almost getting whip lash from going over topes(Mexican speed bump) too fast. It's little things like these that make the trip extra exciting. It's not every day you see a family of five riding a moped on a major highway, or almost run over a heard of goats coming around a sharp turn. Some of the things we see are quite comical and most of them one would never see back in the states.


Yes, the trip there is an adventure in itself, but there is still the town, the people, and the surf. The town mostly consist of native indians with a mix of Mexican in them. It's a cute town for what they have to work with. Most of the houses are woven together palm branches or small concrete slabs, but that's what gives the town it's character. There are several different kinds of animals there one really cool one being the iguana. I'm warning you though, don't feed the dogs or they will stalk you the entire time your there. The people are relatively nice(they have to be cause all there money comes from the surfers who visit there), and the food is good for the first couple days(then it all starts tasting the same). They have the hotel restaurant set up on the beach and they have tried to Americanize it but it's a sad attempt. They tries to get all the money they can off the people staying there so they charge 60 bucks for two hard beds in a stifling hot room. Over the years we have learned it is more comfortable to stay in a tent on the beach for only five dollars a night. Although the accommodations may be a little rough the surf break makes up for everything. There is a little river to cross that is sometimes flowing waist deep or only ankle deep that you have to cross to get to the main peeks. It is a fun left hand point with an occasional short right that comes in and has plenty of peeks for everyone to spread out and catch as many waves as they please.

La Ticla is definitely a surf spot that I look forward to every year and I can't wait to see how it will be next year when I pull up to look at it and try some new tricks on it's Fun, playful faces.

P.O. Box 1920 | Cape Canaveral | Florida | 32920
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