Santa Cruiz
Summer 2008

Santa Cruz is about the most beautiful place to surf in Mexico. When it gets big enough to break on the far outside it starts at a rock that kinda resembles Witch's rock. The break is inside a bay and all around are georgious cliffs covered with vegitation. The only bummer about this place is that all the tropical plants seem to be the perfect habitat for millions of insects, all which seem to bite. Don't let that bring your spirits down though, the surf makes up for everything. It is difficult to get this place at its best considering that it is inside a larg bay so the swell misses it alot unless it is coming from the right direction. Over the years we have hoped to catch this paradise good, but it just never met the expectations of how my dad explains it when he was a kid. Finally this recent year we got lucky and caught it almost at it's peak, consistant 10 - 12 ft. on the sets. It is the most friendly barrel I have ever surfed, but it still brought on a very good challenge. I got the best barrel of my life so far this recent year there. I pulled into the biggest set of the day totaly commited and it barreled over me for a couple seconds until I made the wrong decision and went too high up the face to build speed and it pitched me over the falls! My dad saw the whole thing and he said that a normal sized car could have fit in this barrel! After I came up he was laghing hystaricaly cause he said it looked so funny when I landed way out in the flats(ouch!) It didn't feel so funny but I laughed along trying to picture how ridiculous it must have looked.

The land and the waves are both beautiful, but unfortunately the town here takes away some of it's beauty. It's not exactly the cleanest or nicest town, but there is a hotel there called the Casa Manana that is exceptionaly nice with hot water and AC! There is also a restaurant that serves great food and they do a very good job to stay away from just tacos and enchaladas like most of the other restaurants in mexico serve.

Altogether this is a wonderful place that I look forward to visiting every year(it's kinda a relief to get away from sleeping in a tent, and stay at Santa Cruiz), and I'm excited to see how it will be next year.


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