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Ron Jon Team Rider Photo Shoot 2008

One of my biggest dreams has always been to be on the Ron Jon surf team. In early 2008 it finally happen and I got the privilege to join the Ron Jon surf team.One day I got an email that Ron Jon's yearly photo shoot was coming up at Sebastian Inlet and I was going to be in it. I was so thrilled because this was going to be my first photo shoot, I could hardly wait. Finally the day came and I got to skip a day of school and spend a day on the beach instead(wooo hooo!) The only bummer about this was that when I woke up the morning of the shoot it was freezing outside, but the skies were luckily clear. What's funny about that is the shoot was suppose to be based on their summer apparel, and we were all suppose to be modeling in bikinis!

When we arrived at the inlet I was met by a couple of my surfing friends in the parking lot and I knew no matter how cold the day was, it was going to be a fun one. We all made our way down to the beach and waited in line for hair and makeup. One of the most entertaining parts of the day was the hair and makeup process. Everyone got all spiffed up(including my little buddy Logan a total surf grom). We all poked fun at each other but still enjoyed every bit of it.

Between pictures we'd all bundle up, goof off and just have lots of fun. Unfortunately the surf wasn't great but we didn't have a problem keeping ourselves occupied. In place of surfing, later on in the day, we got to take a couple skating photos. We had plenty of boards and almost everyone was out in the big parking lot with a board trying different tricks and goofing off as usual. I guess you could say that surfers can find almost anyway to entertain themselves and can be easily entertained by anything. No surf - go skate. No skateboard - go play beach ball. No ball - chase each other around till you can hardly breath, fall on your back and laugh till can't laugh any more.

Despite the cold weather we all had a good time. I would say that the cold just added to all the fun we had, and who wouldn't want to miss a day off school anyway? Thanks Ron Jon for a great day and the opportunity to experience my first photo shoot.


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