Cocoa Beach Florida Pier

Sebastian Inlet Pro 2009

Every year a pro contest is held at Sebastian Inlet for a week. It gives a lot of us kids a good excuse to get out of school and have a bunch of fun surfing, hanging out with friends, and watching some of our favorite surfers, at a local surf spot, rip waves to shreds. This year the contest was sponsored by Oneill and Ron Jon. I decided to go see the last day of the contest so I could watch the finals and catch some of the better surf of the week.

My family and I woke up pretty early Sunday morning and headed south towards the inlet. I really wanted to get a good surf session in before heading to the contest area, where I knew the crowds would be out of control, so we stopped at Spanish House, about a mile away from the inlet, so I could catch a few fun ones. The surf was about chest to head high on the bigger sets, glassy, and kinda pitchy. Just how I like it. I surfed there for awhile and we headed to the contest. The beach was chaotic but you could tell everyone was enjoying a great day at the beach. I saw a couple of my friends there and had another surf session with them, but made sure to get out of the water in time to watch a couple heats and catch the final. Some really amazing surfing was going on as expected. Cory Lopez, Blake Jones, Nathaniel Curren, and Aaron McCormick all made it into the finals. It seems like all of them were pulling an air and at least two killer turns on every wave. It was definitely one of the most intense heats I have ever watched. The entire thirty minute heat was full of action. Nathaniel found himself a nice left peek on the north end of the zone and was dominating the heat. Nathaniel and Aaron were neck and neck in the last few minuets but in the end Nathaniel came out on top winning 10,000 dollars.

I really enjoyed the whole day from surfing myself, hanging with friends, listening to the commentators (you learn a lot from them some times) and of coarse watching some incredible surfing. I'm super glad to have parents to take me to these events and have fun with me as well while doing so.


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